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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
18-Nov-2018Citizenship and Citizenship Education in Zimbabwe: A Theoretical and Historical AnalysisSigauke, Aaron T 4-Feb-2019
21971VII. Oceanic LanguagesRyan, John S 5-Nov-2015
32013Re-Thinking Values in Africa: For Collective Well-beingKuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed29-May-2014
42010China's Cosmopolitan Nationalists: "Heroes" and "Traitors" of the 2008 OlympicsNyiri, Pal; Zhang, Juan 28-Oct-2014
52016Multiple mobilities and entrepreneurial modalities among Chinese marriage migrants in MalaysiaLu, Melody C W; Zhang, Juan ; Chee, Heng Lee; Yeoh, Brenda S A27-Apr-2016
62008A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Language Question in Australia's Immigration Policies: 1901-1957Ndhlovu, Finex 23-Jul-2013
71998The Albert Joseph Memorial Orations: A Fiftieth Anniversary Tribute to the Mind and Soul of New EnglandRyan, John S 28-Mar-2013
82009The role of 'educated native speakers' in providing language analysis for the determination of the origin of asylum seekersFraser, Helen B 26-Mar-2010
92001Introduction to 'Australian Legendary Tales'Ryan, John Sprott 19-Aug-2009
101997Introduction to Lore and Language Special Issue - Folklore Studies: Past, Present - and Future?Ryan, John S 27-Aug-2012