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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Report of an Evaluation of the ENRECA Capacity Building Project to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DenmarkMaxwell, Thomas William18-Dec-2009
22014ACEC2014 - Developing Quicksmart Online To Engage LearnersDoyle, Helen; Belson, Stephanie; Taber, Lorraine; Reading, Christine E 23-Feb-2016
32018Teacher perceptions of gifted cultural minorities: An Australian studyThraves, Genevieve 6-May-2020
42012An evaluation of mental health education and training for junior police in New South Wales, AustraliaWoolston, Rosemary; Stafford, Christine; Hussain, Rafat ; Avery, Alan; Boughton, Robert ; Phan, Huy 2-Aug-2012
52008Potting plant-foods with children... planting, picking and picto-recipingMcCrea, Nadine Louise 7-Aug-2012
62008From edible plots to enjoyable plates: Children producing, preparing and partaking of food plantsMcCrea, Nadine Louise 7-Aug-2012
72010What does being an early childhood 'teacher' mean in tomorrow's world of children and family services?Sims, Margaret 29-Apr-2011
82-Oct-2020Definitions and notations relating to tactic polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2020)Fellows, Christopher M ; Hellwich, Karl-Heinz; Meille, Stefano V; Moad, Graeme; Nakano, Tamaki; Vert, Michel8-Nov-2021
92012Deparochializing educational research: Three critical, illustrative narrativesLingard, Bob; Hardy, Ian; Heimans, Stephen 8-Apr-2014
102007Quality teaching of mathematics: Common threads and cultural differencesCallingham, Rosemary Anne 6-Aug-2012

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