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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Fetal Leptin Is a Signal of Fat Mass Independent of Maternal Nutrition in Ewes Fed at or above Maintenance Energy RequirementsMulhausler, B S; Roberts, C T; McFarlane, J R ; Kauter, K G; McMillen, I C20-Nov-2009
22012Effect of passive immunization against leptin on ovarian follicular development in prepubertal micePanwar, Shalini; Herrid, Muren ; Kauter, Kathleen G; McFarlane, James R 28-May-2013
32002Circulating Leptin Concentrations Are Positively Related to Leptin Messenger RNA Expression in the Adipose Tissue of Fetal Sheep in the Pregnant Ewe Fed at or Below Maintenance Energy Requirements During Late GestationYuen, B S J; Owens, P C; McFarlane, J R ; Symonds, M E; Edwards, L J; Kauter, K G; McMillen, I C20-Nov-2009
42017Progesterone for preventing pregnancy termination after initiation of medical abortion with mifepristoneGarratt, Deborah; Turner, Joseph V 4-Mar-2020
528-Dec-2015Off-label use of misoprostol in gynaecologyTurner, J V ; Agatonovic-Kustrn, S; Ward, H R G13-Mar-2020
627-Sep-2016Fertility-awareness practice and education in general practiceTurner, Joseph V 14-Nov-2019
7Dec-2017In response to: Current barriers and potential strategies to increase the use of long-acting reversible contraception to reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies in Australia: An expert roundtable discussionTurner, Joseph V 4-Mar-2020
82012Seizure and embolic stroke secondary to patent foramen ovale in a migrant girlTurner, Joseph V 13-Mar-2020
92018Providing women with full reproductive choice options: the point of researching medical abortion reversalGarratt, Deborah; Turner, Joseph V 14-Nov-2019
102008In vivo evidence of role of bone morphogenetic protein-4 in the mouse ovaryTanwar, Pradeep Singh; O'Shea, Timothy; McFarlane, James R 26-Nov-2009

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