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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Effect of passive immunization against leptin on ovarian follicular development in prepubertal micePanwar, Shalini; Herrid, Muren ; Kauter, Kathleen G; McFarlane, James R 28-May-2013
22004Effects of Leptin on Fetal Plasma Adrenocorticotropic Hormone and Cortisol Concentrations and the Timing of Parturition in the SheepYuen, B S J; Owens, P C; Symonds, M E; Keisler, D H; McFarlane, J R ; Kauter, K G; McMillen, I C20-Nov-2009
32004Evidence for an interaction between CB₁ cannabinoid and oxytocin receptors in food and water intakeVerty, A N A; McFarlane, J R ; McGregor, I S; Mallet, P E26-Nov-2009
42011Effects of Social Support on Cardiovascular and Cortisol Reactivity during Passive and Active Behavioral ChallengeThorsteinsson, Einar B ; James, Jack E; Douglas, M Elizabeth; Omodei, Mary18-Apr-2012
52002Follistatin concentrations in maternal and fetal fluids during the oestrous cycle, gestation and parturition in Merino sheepMcFarlane, J R ; Xia, Y; O'Shea, T; Hayward, S; O'Connor, A E; de Kretser, D M16-Dec-2009
62016Remote ischaemic conditioning in the context of type 2 diabetes and neuropathy: the case for repeat application as a novel therapy for lower extremity ulcerationEpps, Jacqueline ; Smart, Neil 21-Feb-2017
72010Diurnal Variation in Peripheral (Hair) vs Central (Saliva) HPA Axis Cortisol ConcentrationsSharpley, Christopher F ; Kauter, Kathleen G; McFarlane, James R 9-May-2011
82018Clinical outcomes to exercise training in type 1 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysisOstman, Cecilia; Jewiss, Daniel; King, N; Smart, Neil 4-Jun-2018
91986Effect of fasting and dexamethasone on binding characteristics of canine erythrocyte insulin receptorsDieberg, Gudrun ; Sartin, JL; Kemppainen, RJ; Oliver, EH28-Jun-2012
101985Binding characteristics of swine erythrocyte insulin receptorsDieberg, Gudrun ; Bryan, GS; Sartin, JL; Williams, JC; Prince, TJ; Kemppainen, RJ27-Jun-2012

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