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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Heparin dosing and therapeutic activated partial thromboplastin times (aPTT) in acute coronary syndrome (ACS)Westaway, Kerrie ; Cruickshank, Mary 4-Oct-2011
22004Quasi-debt and Quasi-equity in the Financial Statements of Small FirmsGibson, Brian ; McClellend, Phillip; Phillip, Gregory2-Jun-2010
32018Do governance mechanisms deter earnings management and promote corporate social responsibility?Suyono, Eko; Farooque, Omar Al 14-Jan-2019
410-Mar-2021Does family ownership matter in executive pay design?Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Adapa, Sujana 23-Dec-2020
52011The Use and Disclosure of Intuition(s) by Leaders in Australian Organisations: A Grounded TheoryRobson, Martin John; Cooksey, Ray; Jabri, Muayyad ; Higgs, Joy16-Jan-2013
62016Rethinking Organizational Change: The Role of Dialogue, Dialectic & Polyphony in the OrganizationJabri, Muayyad 7-Apr-2016
72011Yours, Mine or Ours: What Counts as Innovation?Cooksey, Ray W 2-Aug-2011
82017Feedforward or Feedback – reframing positive performance managementRice, Bridget16-Jan-2018
92011From the shadows into the light: Let's get real about outsourcingHunter, James D ; Hall, Allastair N 17-Aug-2011
102003Theoretical Issues in Small Enterprise Financial ManagementGibson, Brian 28-May-2010

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