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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005An Empirical Note On The Comparative Macroeconomic Effects Of The GST In Australia, Canada And New ZealandBolton, Tomas Graham; Dollery, Brian Edward 11-Dec-2009
222-Feb-2018Fiscal policy in AustraliaNguyen, Huu Luyen; Hoang, Nam; Siriwardana, Ananda22-Feb-2018
32013Resource Taxation and Remote Aboriginal ExpenditureBlackwell, Boyd ; Dollery, Brian E 16-Oct-2013
42014The Impact of the Australian Carbon Tax on Industries and HouseholdsMeng, Xianming ; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; McNeill, Judith 5-Mar-2014
528-Oct-2017The Relationship Between Company Size and Effective Tax Rates: A Test of political success - Evidence from Australian CompaniesMatchett, Carol A; Chen, George ; Simmons, Phillip 10-Oct-2019
62015The Environmental and Employment Effect of Australian Carbon TaxMeng, Xianming ; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; McNeill, Judith 6-Nov-2015
72015Is the agricultural industry spared from the influence of the Australian carbon tax?Meng, Xianming 6-Nov-2015
82013Australian Resources Sector under a Low Carbon PolicyMeng, Xianming 9-May-2014
92006A savings subsidisation system in a model of endogenous fertility and endogenous growth: An extension of Wigger (1999)Ho, Chong Mun; Dollery, Brian Edward 8-Dec-2009
102014Earnings Management, Cost of Equity Capital and Corporate Governance: An Empirical Analysis of Thai Listed CompaniesSukeecheep Moss, Supawadee; Yarram, Subba ; Farooque, Omar 12-Dec-2014