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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Corporate Legitimacy: A Comparative Study of Social and Economic Reporting of Multinational Companies in Australia, South Africa and United KingdomAhulu, Helena K; Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Farooque, Omar 10-Apr-2013
22013Exploring the importance of personal selling skills to practicing accountants in regional SMEs in North-West, NSW, AustraliaRindfleish, Jennifer M ; Adapa, Sujana 29-Jul-2014
32015Are User Perceptions of Chairman Addresses Managed through Syntactical Complexity and Rationalisation?Bayerlein, Leopold ; Davidson, Paul2-Jul-2015
42015Interactive use of perfomance measurement systems and the organzation's customers-focused strategy: the mediating role of organizational learningYuliansyah, Yuliansyah; Khan, Ashfaq A 15-Jul-2015
52009An Empirical Analysis of Earnings Management in AustraliaSun, Lan ; Rath, Subhrendu11-Mar-2010
62013Culture-Specific Forensic Accounting Conceptual Framework: A Skills Set Theoretical AnalysisShanikat, Mohammed; Khan, Ashfaq A 19-Dec-2013
72010Positive versus Negative News: Readability and Obfuscation in Financial ReportsBayerlein, Leopold 8-Jul-2011
82013Corporate Social Responsibility: Small and Medium Sized Accountancy Firms in MalaysiaAdapa, Sujana 29-Jul-2014
92014CSR activities and practices in small and medium-sized accountancy firms in Australia and MalaysiaAdapa, Sujana 29-Jul-2014
102008Discriminant Analysis of Adopters and Non-Adopters of Global Brands: Empirical Evidence From India and MalaysiaAdapa, Sujana 28-Aug-2014