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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Multiple Simultaneous Threats Detection in Distributed SystemsSultan, Zafar; Kwan, Paul ; Evered, Mark P 13-Oct-2011
22013Qualitative Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Using Leximancer Digital SoftwareKivunja, Charles 5-Sep-2013
32012Classification of crops and weeds from digital images: A support vector machine approachAhmed, Faisal; Al-Mamun, Hawlader A; Hossain Bari, ASM; Hossain, Emam; Kwan, Paul H 7-Aug-2012
42010Generalized Evidential Processing in Multiple Simultaneous Threat Detection in UNIXSultan, Zafar; Kwan, Paul H 18-May-2011
52012Use of Darwinian Particle Swarm Optimization technique for the segmentation of Remote Sensing imagesGhamisi, Pedram; Couceiro, Micael S; Ferreira, Nuno M F; Kumar, Lalit 14-Mar-2013
62009Robust multivariate L1 principal component analysis and dimensionality reductionGao, Junbin; Kwan, Paul H ; Guo, Yi6-May-2010
72002TAST-Trademark Application AssistantKwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kameyama, Keisuke; Kawazoe, Fumio; Nakamura, Koji31-May-2010
82012Specification of Role and Attribute Transitions for Secure Information System AccessEvered, Mark P 9-Jan-2013
92002A Publishing System based on Fluency Coding MethodKawazoe, Fumio; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul H ; Nakamura, Koji25-May-2010
102003A Method on Tracking Common Boundaries of Color Regions in function Approximation-based Image CodingSugiyama, Tetsuo; Kwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Katagishi, Kazuki31-May-2010

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