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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Performance of polyvoltine silkworm 'Bombyx mori' L. on different mulberry plant varietiesBahar, Md Habibullah; Al Parvez, Mahmud; Rahman, Saidur; Islam, Rejaul2-Aug-2011
22016Characterisation of the main drivers of intra- and inter- breed variability in the plasma metabolome of dogsLloyd, Amanda J; Beckmann, Manfred; Tailliart, Kathleen; Brown, Wendy ; Draper, John; Allaway, David30-Mar-2016
32015Flow cytometric analysis of FSHR, BMRR1B, LHR and apoptosis in granulosa cells and ovulation rate in merino sheepRegan, Sheena L P; McFarlane, James R ; O'Shea, Tim; Andronicos, Nicholas ; Arfuso, Frank; Dharmarajan, Arun; Almahbobi, Ghanim6-Apr-2016
42010Quality of lamb meat from the Information Nucleus FlockWarner, RD; Jacob, RH; Hocking Edwards, JE; McDonagh, M; Pearce, K; Geesink, Geert ; Kearney, G; Allingham, P G; Hopkins, DL; Pethick, DW30-Sep-2011
52017Using path analysis to predict bodyweight from body measurements of goats and sheep of communal rangelands in BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Coleman, Michael ; Baker, Derek ; Morley, Philip ; Baleseng, Leonard; Makgekgenene, Alec; Bahta, Sirak9-Nov-2017
62016Natural Resources LawMoore, Cameron 12-Apr-2016
72018Intermittent lighting improves resilience of broilers during the peak phase of sub-clinical necrotic enteritis infectionRodrigues, I; Svihus, B; Bedford, M R; Gous, R; Choct, Mingan 23-Jan-2018
82016Using 15N dilution method to correct for microbial contamination when assessing in situ protein degradability of fresh ryegrassTahmasbi, R; Nolan, John ; Dobos, Robin 12-Jan-2018
92018Contract bonus systems to encourage biosecurity adoption on small-scale broiler farms in IndonesiaKomaladara, Anak Agung Sagung Putri; Patrick, Ian ; Hoang, Nam 22-Mar-2018
10Oct-2019A single exposure to the tremorgenic mycotoxin lolitrem B inhibits voluntary motor activity and spatial orientation but not spatial learning or memory in miceCombs, M D; Hamlin, A ; Quinn, J C16-Jun-2020

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