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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010AntivivisectionismFox, Michael Allen 22-Sep-2010
22010A Comprehensive Genetic Analysis of Candidate Genes Regulating Response to 'Trypanosoma congolense' Infection in MiceGoodhead, Ian; Archibald, Alan; Noyes, Harry A; Amwayi, Peris; Brass, Andy; Gibson, John ; Hall, Neil; Hughes, Margaret A; Limo, Moses; Iraqi, Fuad; Kemp, Stephen J14-Dec-2011
3Jun-2019Ground force kinetic adaptations associated with canine bootsShorter, Kathleen ; Brown, Wendy 11-Oct-2019
42008Development of a method of measuring cellular stress in cattle and sheepAgnew, Linda ; Colditz, Ian 16-Apr-2010
5Apr-2020The Vegetarian ImperativeFox, Michael Allen 22-Mar-2022
62017Ascaridia galli challenge model in laying hensSharma, Nisha; Hunt, Peter W; Hine, Brad C; Swick, Robert A ; Sharma, Nishchal; Ruhnke, Isabelle 16-Apr-2018
72016Breeding polled cattle in AustraliaConnors, Natalie ; Tier, Bruce 12-Apr-2017
82012Evaluating changes in body weight gain, nutrient digestibility, inflammatory gene expression and RBC FA following DHA- rich fish oil supplementation in two dog breedsPurushothaman, Dharma; Brown, Wendy ; Wu, Shubiao ; Vanselow, Barbara 8-Jul-2013
92010Reduction in grass eating behaviours in the domestic dog, 'Canis familiaris', in response to a mild gastrointestinal disturbanceMcKenzie, Samantha J; Brown, Wendy ; Price, Ian 11-Mar-2010
102003Preliminary information on temporal changes in the blood chemistry of farmed southern bluefin tuna, 'Tunnus maccoyii' (Castelnau) after feeding and repeated sampling disturbanceThomas, Philip; Carter , Chris G; Carragher , John F; Glencross, Brett D26-May-2010

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