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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Exogenous Proteases for Meat TenderizationBekhit, Alaa A; Hopkins, David L; Geesink, Geert ; Bekhit, Adnan A; Franks, Philip21-May-2014
2Apr-2016Selection for increased muscling in Angus cattle did not increase the glycolytic potential or negatively impact pH decline, retail colour stability or mineral contentMcGilchrist, P ; Greenwood, P L; Pethick, D W; Gardner, G E30-Jun-2020
3Mar-2018Lamb loin tenderness is not associated with plasma indicators of pre-slaughter stressStewart, S M; McGilchrist, P ; Gardner, G E; Pethick, D W29-Jun-2020
4Oct-2018On farm factors increasing dark cutting in pasture finished beef cattleLoudon, K M W; Lean, I J; Pethick, D W; Gardner, G E; Grubb, L J; Evans, A C; McGilchrist, P 29-Jun-2020
52013SmartStretch™ Technology: III. The impact of medium voltage stimulation and SmartStretch™ technology on sheep topside ('m. semimembranosus') meat quality traits under commercial processing conditionsToohey, Edwina Skye; van de Ven, Remy; Thompson, John ; Geesink, Geert ; Hopkins, David L20-May-2014
62012SmartStretch™ Technology. I. Improving the tenderness of sheep topsides (m. semimembranosus) using a meat stretching deviceThompson, John ; Toohey, E S; Ven, R Van de; Geesink, Geert ; Hopkins, D L25-Aug-2017
72011Tenderness of pre- and post rigor lamb longissimus muscleGeesink, Geert ; Sujang, Sadi; Koohmaraie, Mohammad18-Oct-2011
82013The effects of the myostatin g+6723G>A mutation on carcass and meat quality of lambHope, Mitchell; Haynes, Fay Emma Milton ; Oddy, Hutton ; Koohmaraie, Mohammad; Al-Owaimer, Abdullah; Geesink, Geert 20-May-2014
9Apr-2019Do demographic and beef eating preferences impact on South African consumers' willingness to pay (WTP) for graded beef?Strydom, Phillip; Burrow, Heather ; Polkinghorne, Rod ; Thompson, John 10-Oct-2019
10Dec-2018The impact of oestradiol only hormone growth promotants (HGPs) on the eating quality of pasture finished steer carcassesPacker, D T ; Geesink, G H ; Polkinghorne, R ; Thompson, J M ; Ball, A J; McGilchrist, P 30-Jun-2020

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