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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014DespairMcDonald, William 29-Apr-2014
22012Review of Paul K. Moser, 'The Evidence for God: Religious Knowledge Reexamined'. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. x + 280 pp.Forrest, Peter 19-Feb-2013
32017Review of 'Purpose in the Universe'. By Tim Mulgan. (Oxford: OUP, 2015. Pp. 448. Price £50.)Forrest, Peter 16-May-2017
41989Prefaces: Light Reading For Certain Classes As The Occasion May Require, By Nicolaus NotabeneKierkegaard, Soren; McDonald, William 20-Jun-2014
52008The Dialectic of Moods: Emotions and Spirit in Kierkegaard and Mādhyamika BuddhismMcDonald, William 24-Jun-2014
61997Retracing the Circular Ruins of Hegel's 'Encyclopedia'McDonald, William 25-Jun-2014
72010Spinozistic Pantheism, the Environment and ChristianityForrest, Peter 16-May-2011
82009Divine Fission: A New Way of Moderating Social TrinitarianismForrest, Peter 6-Oct-2010
92012Replying to the anti-God challenge: a God without moral character acts wellForrest, Peter 9-Mar-2012
102015Time/Temporality/EternityMcDonald, William 3-Sep-2015