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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11998Review of Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome, ed., 'Monster Theory: Reading Culture', Minneapolis and London, University of Minnesota Press, 1996: ; paper; pp. xiii, 315; R.R.P. US$21.95, US$54.95 (cloth).Ryan, John S 4-Nov-2015
22018Mark Knight vs Serena Williams -- Crossing the Line: Offensive and Controversial Cartoons in the 21st Century -- "The View from Australia" -- Part TwoScully, Richard 10-Apr-2019
31999Our Earlier Outreach - Adult Education and the Arts in New EnglandRyan, John S 30-Jun-2014
42009Usury and its Critics: From the Middle Ages to ModernityMews, Constant J; Walsh, Adrian J 11-Nov-2010
52016Caste System and Resistance: The Case of Untouchable Hindu Sweepers in BangladeshSultana, Habiba; Subedi, Dambaru B 11-Dec-2017
62012Our Cathedral: Second-century thoughts - A collection of memories and viewpoints by Parishioners of 2011Baker, Robert John; Baker, Wendy Helena21-Nov-2013
72009A Hindsight View 1929-2009: Why many became Communists and Why the Ideological Conflict ContinuesBranagan, Marty 16-Dec-2010
82014Review of 'Scottish Studies: The Journal of the School of Scottish Studies', no. 36 (2011-2013). ISSN 0036-9411.Ryan, John S ; Smith, Robert James24-Dec-2015
92018Nonviolence and Pacifism in the Long Nineteenth CenturyFox, Michael 30-May-2018
1014-May-2019Editorial CartoonsScully, Richard 4-Jun-2019

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