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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Why Galen's Teeth Fell Out: Shifting Medical Attitudes Among Nicolas Baudin's DoctorsSouthwood, Jane5-Sep-2011
22008Les Soins Médicaux à Bord Du Géographe et Du Naturaliste Pendant L'Expédition Aux Terres Australes de Nicholas Baudin (1800-1804)Southwood, Jane4-Mar-2010
32011The Gouty Joseph in Giulio Romano's 'Holy Family'Weisz, George M ; Albury, William R ; Lippi, Donatella; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco11-Aug-2011
42010The medico-artistic phenomenon and its implications for medical educationWeisz, George M ; Albury, William R 10-May-2010
52011Conspiracy in Paris, November 1938: Medical Fraud as Pretext for the 'Kristallnacht' PogromWeisz, George M 29-Jul-2011
62010The Medici syndrome: a medico-historical puzzleAlbury, William R ; Weisz, George M ; Lippi, Donatella; Mattuci Cerinic, Marco25-May-2010
72012The Fate of the Warsaw Ghetto Medical FacultyWeisz, George M ; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Albury, William R 13-Jul-2012
82013Rembrandt's Jewish Physician - Dr Ephraim Bueno (1599-1665): A Brief Medical HistoryWeisz, George M ; Albury, William Randall 5-Jul-2013
92012The illnesses of Carlo di Ferdinando I de' Medici: a second opinionWeisz, George M ; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco; Albury, William R ; Lippi, Donatella13-Jul-2012
102012Who was Pontormo's Halberdier? The evidence from pathologyWeisz, George M ; Albury, William R ; Lippi, Donatella; Matucci-Cerinic, Marco13-Jul-2012