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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Fixing global governancePage, James S 9-Feb-2016
22011The role of virtue in natural resource managementWalsh, Adrian J ; Shepheard, Mark 2-Feb-2012
318-Dec-2018Is telling the truth in the public interest?Page, James 19-Mar-2019
42018The Ideology of Meat-EatingFox, Michael Allen 28-Apr-2021
5Apr-2020The Vegetarian ImperativeFox, Michael Allen 22-Mar-2022
62017Atheism and Morality, Guilt and Shame: Why the Moral Complacency of the New Atheism is a MistakeLynch, Anthony J ; Dahanayake, Nisha21-May-2017
72007Report cards, informed consent and market forcesWalsh, Adrian John 30-Apr-2009
82015Cargo-Cult Science and the Mimesis of Research Practice: Response to "Critical Discourse Analysis of Rhetoric Against Complementary Medicine"Fellows, Chris 4-Jan-2016
92011Students Perceptions: Flexing Pedagogy and PracticeWillems, Julie 6-Mar-2012
102020Is kindness enough?Page, James S 27-Jan-2021

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