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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011The Air Panic of 1935: British Press Opinion between Disarmament and RearmamentHolman, Brett 2-May-2014
22011'The Epitheatrical Cartoonist': Matthew Somerville Morgan and the World of Theatre, Art and Journalism in Victorian LondonScully, Richard 1-Feb-2012
31993Review of 'The Simonie: A Parallel-Text Edition', edited by Dan Embree and Elizabeth Urquhart. Heidelberg: Carl Winter, Universit√§ts-verlag, Middle English Texts No. 24, 1991, 178 pp.Ryan, John Sprott 19-Feb-2013
42010World Police for World Peace: British Internationalism and the Threat of a Knock-out Blow from the Air, 1919-1945Holman, Brett 2-May-2014
52011Beveridge and voluntary action in Britain and the wider British worldOppenheimer, Melanie ; Deakin, Nicholas23-Jan-2012
61994Review of Fraser, Hilary, 'The Victorians and Renaissance Italy', Oxford and Cambridge Mass., 1992: cloth; pp. xii, 308; 25 plates; R.R.P. AUS$69.95 [distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin].Ryan, John S 27-Nov-2015
72014Thomas James Waters (1842-1898) and the Mint at OsakaVivers, Meg I 25-May-2016
82010Behind the Lines: Cartoons as Historical SourcesScully, Richard 6-May-2011
92009Antiquarianism and Legal HistoryStuckey, Michael 31-Oct-2014
102010The 'imperial' girl: Lady Helen Munro Ferguson, the imperial woman and her imperial childhoodOppenheimer, Melanie 8-Dec-2010

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