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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014State ArchivesOates, William 24-Nov-2015
22010Philip Jones, 'Ochre and Rust: Artefacts and Encounters on Australian Frontiers' (Wakefield Press, 2007): a review article by Russell McDougallMcDougall, Russell J 6-May-2011
32009Introduction to 'Thinking Rail: Lessons from the Past, the Way of the Future'Piper, Andrew ; Haworth, Robert J8-Mar-2010
42009Belongings: Oral History, Objects and an Online ExhibitionWilton, Janis 16-Mar-2010
52015A Pitcairn Tiputa in the Five Continents MuseumReynolds-Barff, Pauline1-Sep-2016
62016Tapa Cloths and Beaters: Tradition, Innovation and the Agency of the Bounty Women in Shaping a New Culture on Pitcairn Island from 1790 to 1850Reynolds-Barff, Pauline31-Oct-2016
72009Thinking Rail: Lessons from the past, the way of the futurePiper, Andrew ; Haworth, Robert J18-Mar-2010
82014The University of New England's role in capturing archival records of the New England RegionOates, William 24-Nov-2014
92010The 'rough and tumble': displaying complexity in the motor museumClark, Jennifer R 25-May-2010
102011Memories, voices and silences in museumsWilton, Janis 29-Nov-2011