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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Changing Patterns of Settlement and Land Use in the Hinterland of Pella (Jordan) in Late AntiquityWatson, P 25-Sep-2008
22014The Early Iron Age at Troy ReconsideredAslan, Carolyn; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Grave, Peter 20-Jul-2016
32006The Suburban Villas of Campania and their Social FunctionAdams, Geoffery29-Apr-2009
42016The Archaeology of Achaemenid Power in Regional Western AnatoliaGrave, Peter ; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Bilgen, Nejat; Marsh, Ben4-Nov-2016
52008The Byzantine PeriodWatson, Pamela 11-May-2010
62013Effects of elevated levels of lead in ceramics on provenancing studies using non-destructive PXRF: a case study in Byzantine Cypriot glazed ceramicsForster, Nicola; Grave, Peter 22-Nov-2013
72012Reconstructing Iron Age Community Dynamics in Eskisehir Province, Central TurkeyGrave, Peter ; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Marsh, Ben; Sivas, Taciser; Sivas, Hakan13-Aug-2012
82012Non-destructive pXRF for archaeological provenancing: obsidian and ceramics from the Near EastForster, Nicola; Grave, Peter 12-Oct-2012
92004Comment on de Beaune 'The invention of technology'Davidson, Iain 4-Jun-2009
102004Comment on de la Torre 'Omo revisited'Davidson, Iain 4-Jun-2009