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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Whose? L2 English speakers' possessive pronoun gender errorsAnton-Mendez, Ines 25-Jul-2011
22004Cognitive Modeling and Verbal Semantics: A Representational Framework Based on UMLSchalley, A 31-Jul-2008
32013North East Indian Linguistics: Volume 5Hyslop, Gwendolyn; Morey, Stephen; Post, Mark 24-Sep-2014
42012Using Functional Grammar: An explorer's guideButt, David; Fahey, Rhondda; Feez, Susan ; Spinks, Sue18-Jan-2013
52011Толерантность по-русски, или о судьбе одного заимствованияGladkova, Anna 7-Jan-2015
62006Ethnopragmatics: a new paradigmGoddard, Cliff 26-Aug-2009
72004"Cultural Scripts": a New Medium for Ethnopragmatic InstructionGoddard, Cliff 8-Sep-2009
82007Ontolinguistics: How Ontological Status Shapes the Linguistic Coding and ConceptsSchalley, Andrea ; Zaefferer, D9-Sep-2009
92007The journey of self-discovery in another languageGladkova, Anna 13-Jul-2010
102011Na Passive and na- Associative in Abma: Shared Properties; Shared Origin?Schneider, Cynthia 7-Mar-2012

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