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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Rhetorical Patterns of Indonesian Research Articles: A Genre of Indonesian Academic WritingAdnan, Zifirdaus 12-May-2011
22010'To market, to market...': Exploring the teaching-learning interface in developing intercultural interactions from textbook activities - crossing languages and culturesMorgan, Anne-Marie ; Mercurio, Nives28-Jul-2014
32010Me, myself, I: Exploring concepts of self and others in Indonesian names and pronouns with early learnersMorgan, Anne-Marie 28-Jul-2014
42011Dari Kami Ke Kita 2: Teacher Resource BookKohler, Michelle; Morgan, Anne-Marie ; Harbon, Lesley; Yaniwati, Dewi28-Jul-2014
52010Dari Kami Ke Kita 1: Teacher Resource BookKohler, Michelle; Morgan, Anne-Marie ; Harbon, Lesley29-Jul-2014
62011Dari Kami Ke Kita 2: WorkbookYaniwati, Dewi; Grant, Alyssa; Kohler, Michelle; Morgan, Anne-Marie ; Harbon, Lesley28-Jul-2014
72010Dari Kami Ke Kita 2: Student BookMorgan, Anne-Marie ; Harbon, Lesley; Kohler, Michelle28-Jul-2014
82013The First Bali Bombing 2002: 'Why did they do it to our Bali?'Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Mubarok, Zulfi23-Dec-2014
92009Merebut Hati Audiens Internasional: Strategi Jitu Meraih Publikasi di Jurnal Ilmiah (Edisi Kedua)Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Zifirdaus, Indrawati 30-Oct-2012
102014Prospects of Indonesian Research Articles (RAs) Being Considered for Publication in 'Center' Journals: A Comparative Study of Rhetorical Patterns of RAs in Selected Humanities and Hard Science DisciplinesAdnan, Zifirdaus 6-Jun-2014