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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Language policies and attitudes towards Frisian in the NetherlandsHilton, Nanna Haug; Gooskens, Charlotte 8-May-2017
22013Explaining Danish-Swedish asymmetric word intelligibility: An error analysisGooskens, Charlotte ; van Bezooijen, Renee8-May-2017
32013About the similarity between the oystercatcher and Vincent van HeuvenGooskens, Charlotte ; van Bezooijen, Renee8-May-2017
42013A corpus of regional Dutch speechNerbonne, John; van Ommen, Sandrien; Gooskens, Charlotte ; Impe, Leen; Kurschner, Sebastian8-May-2017
52010Русская культурная семантика: эмоции, ценности, жизненные установкиGladkova, Anna 9-Jun-2011
62016Is Swedish more beautiful than Danish? - A matched-guise investigationGooskens, Charlotte ; Hilton, Nanna H; Schuppert, Anja6-Feb-2017
72013Lexical and orthographic distances between Germanic, Romance and Slavic languages and their relationship to geographic distanceGooskens, Charlotte ; van Bezooijen, Renee8-May-2017
82015Does German Help Speakers of Dutch to Understand Written and Spoken Danish Words? The Role of Non-Native Language Knowledge in Decoding an Unknown but Related LanguageSwarte, Femke; Shuppert, Anja; Gooskens, Charlotte 9-May-2017
92015Introducing Micrela: Predicting mutual intelligibility between related languages in Europevan Heuven, Vincent J; Gooskens, Charlotte ; van Bezooijen, Renee19-Jul-2017
102013Do speakers of Dutch use their knowledge of German while processing written Danish words?Swarte, Femke; Schuppert, Anja; Gooskens, Charlotte 5-May-2017