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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11998Review of Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome, ed., 'Monster Theory: Reading Culture', Minneapolis and London, University of Minnesota Press, 1996: ; paper; pp. xiii, 315; R.R.P. US$21.95, US$54.95 (cloth).Ryan, John S 4-Nov-2015
21982Review of 'Linguistic Perspectives on Literature' Edited by Marvin K. Ching: London, Routledge Kegan Paul, 1980, pp. xvi + 332.Ryan, John S 5-Nov-2015
32016"Life" choices: deciding to use fiction in biographical writingVicars, James 11-May-2017
42006Austral./Asian Cultural and Folkloric Synergies and Exchanges: A Progressive DevelopmentRyan, John S 16-Nov-2015
52011Proteus as writer: the role of the (academic) writing class in preparing Australian graduates for careers in the creative artsWilliamson, Rosemary A 4-May-2012
62011John Ryan reads from 'Bestiary of Flowers', with Kevin Gillam on celloRyan, John Charles ; Gillam, Kevin3-Aug-2017
72014Reimagining Perth's Lost WetlandsRyan, John Charles ; Giblett, Rod; Chinna, Nandi; Murray, Jeff; Brady, Danielle; Kueh, Chris9-Aug-2017
82011John Ryan reads from 'Bestiary of Flowers' with Kevin Gillam on celloRyan, John Charles ; Gillam, Kevin3-Aug-2017
92011Total strangers or perfect partners? Plants, poetry and the paradise paintings of Sidney NolanRyan, John Charles 3-Aug-2017
101999Review of Dennis Brailsford, 'A Taste for Diversions: Sport in Georgian England'. Cambridge: The Lutterworth Press, 1999. Pp 255. with 20 illustrations. ISBN (paper) 0 71882981 6. £15.Ryan, John S 12-Dec-2012

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