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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Self-made CD: Texture and Narrative in Small-Run DIY CD ProductionKlein, Eve15-Oct-2014
2Dec-2007Visual culture in forensic sciencePorter, Glenn 22-Jul-2019
32012Photographic truth and evidencePorter, Glenn ; Kennedy, Michael8-Aug-2019
41-Jan-2011A new theoretical framework regarding the application and reliability of photographic evidencePorter, Glenn 8-Aug-2019
52018Music as Symbolic Image: Christological Narratives in Agnus Dei Sections of Renaissance MassesStoessel, Jason ; Collins, Denis13-Mar-2019
61987Kenneth Cook (1929-1987) - An AppreciationRyan, John S 29-Jul-2015
72015An Australian Comic Breakthrough: Craig San Roque's 'The Long Weekend in Alice Springs'. Adapted and Drawn by Joshua Santospirito.Scully, Richard ; Santospirito, Joshua3-Sep-2015
82010Maya, Tradition and Modernity in Shaji Karun's 'Vanaprastham'Marsh, Julie26-May-2011
92013In the Nameless Wood: Explorations in the Philological Hinterland of Tolkien's Literary CreationsRyan, John S 30-Oct-2013
102020Introduction: the importance of cartoons, caricature, and satirical art in imperial contextsScully, Richard ; Varnava, Andrekos24-Nov-2019