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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11999Doctors, the Duty to Rescue: and the Ambulance ServiceEburn, Michael E20-Nov-2009
21999Emergency Law: Rights, liabilities and duties of emergency workers and volunteersEburn, Michael E19-Nov-2009
32008Litigation for failure to warn of natural hazards and community resilienceEburn, Michael E19-Nov-2009
41999Rescuers and Nervous ShockEburn, Michael E20-Nov-2009
52013Fleming's 'Law of Tort': Australian-made or foreign import? Australia's role in making the 'king' of tortsLunney, Mark 20-Jun-2013
62003The Structure and Strength of the Propensity Inference: Singularity, Linkage and the other EvidenceHamer, David Acton1-May-2009
71994Withdrawing, Withholding and Refusing Emergency ResuscitationEburn, Michael E4-Dec-2009
82013Do Patients Want and Expect Compensation following Harm?Iedema, Rick; Piper, Donella 18-Jul-2013
92000Care, carers, doctors... and the law?Eburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012
102008(Legal) Risk AssessmentEburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012

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