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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014A Legal Framework for Effective Patent Licenses that Support Technology Transfer: A Libyan PerspectiveSaeh, Mohamed; Perry, Mark ; Varayudej, Same 22-Apr-2015
22018Young People, Social Media and the LawSimpson, Brian H 29-Jun-2018
32010The Creation of University Intellectual Property: Confidential Information, Data Protection, and Research EthicsPerry, Mark ; Wilkinson, Margaret Ann29-Aug-2013
42010The idea of the continuation and extinguishment of 'Welsh' customary land law in the face of Norman-English conquest and legal regime changeStuckey, Michael 21-Nov-2013
52012Early Modern English Humanism and Antiquarianism: The Prosopographical Method and Reflections on Historico-Legal TraditionStuckey, Michael 13-Dec-2013
61999Rescuers and Nervous ShockEburn, Michael E20-Nov-2009
72018Deliberative Constitutionalism: An Empirical DimensionGhosh, Eric 2-May-2019
82011Property LawJackman, Bronwen ; Werren, Kip 27-Jun-2012
92013A Defence of Constitutional JuriesGhosh, Eric 6-Mar-2014
1018-Dec-2020StatutesTaylor, Tristan 9-Aug-2021

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