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12016Judicial Reference to Community Values: A Pointer Towards Constitutional Juries?Ghosh, Eric 24-May-2016
22014The separation of powers, and the Australian Electoral CommissionPage, James S 18-Dec-2014
32006To What Extent is the Free Hanse City of Bremen Entitled under The Basic Law to Assistance by the German Federation or the other Lander in order to Overcome its Fiscal Crises? [In welchem Umfang bestehen für die Freie Hansestadt Bremen grundgesetzlic he Ansprüche gegen den Bund und/oder andere Bundesländer zur Überwindung der Haushaltsnotlage?]Brohmer, Jurgen ; Ress, G13-Nov-2008
42005'To Execute and Maintain the Laws of the Commonwealth' the ADF and Internal Security: Some Old Issues With New RelevanceMoore, C 5-May-2008
52012The Australian Defence Force and the Executive PowerMoore, Cameron 30-Jan-2014
62006Gathered intelligence or Antipodean exceptionalism?: Securing the development of ASIO's detention and questioning regimeCarne, Greg 19-Aug-2016
71993Official Secrets and the Gibbs Report: A Charter for Reform or a Tug of the Legal Forelock?Carne, Greg 22-Aug-2016
82016Review of Alison Duxbury and Matthew Groves (eds), 'Military Justice in the Modern Age' (Cambridge, 2016)Moore, Cameron 25-Nov-2017
92004Brigitte and the French Connection: Security Carte Blanche or A La Carte?Carne, Greg 19-Aug-2016
102006Reconstituting 'Human Security' in a New Security Environment: One Australian, Two Canadians and Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsCarne, Greg 22-Aug-2016