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12009Human Rights & The Australian Defence Force - Response to: How could Australia better protect and promote human rights and responsibilities?Moore, Cameron 4-Apr-2012
22002Laufen als fundamentaler Bestandteil des Golfsports? Behindertendiskriminierung und Golf – Die Entscheidung des Supreme Court der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika im Fall PGA-Tour, Inc., v. Casey Martin v. 29. Mai 2001: [Is Walking a Fundamental Part of Golf? The Decision of the US Supreme Court in PGA-Tour v. Martin]Brohmer, Jurgen 11-Feb-2010
32011Die "Commerce-Clause" der australischen Bundesverfassung - Der Binnenmarkt in AustralienBrohmer, Jurgen 22-Jul-2013
42008Militaries as Wielders of Executive Power: The Australasian and Melanesian Militaries and their Formal Relationship with GovernmentMoore, Cameron 31-Jul-2009
5Aug-2014Enhancing the Accountability of Transnational Corporations: The Case for ‘Decoupling’ Environmental IssuesRadavoi, Ciprian N ; Bian, Yongmin7-Mar-2019
62013Expert Meeting: The Use of Force in Armed Conflicts: Interplay Between the Conduct of Hostilities and Law Enforcement ParadigmsGaggioli, Gloria; Abbott, Kirby; Libman, Liron; Ling, Yan; Lubell, Noam; Momtaz, Djamchid; Moore, Cameron ; Nasrallah, Milad; Piedra Buena, Claudio; Salmon, Elizabeth; Sassoli, Marco; Vianna, Andre; Chernishova, Olga; Wood, Michael; Zwanenburg, Marten; Chesney, Robert; Goldman, Robert; Gomez Ramirez, Juan Carlos; Gross, Richard; Heyns, Christof; Jackson, Richard; Kretzmer, David1-Oct-2014
72006The Special Panels for Serious Crimes of Timor-Leste: Lessons for the RegionRyan, Alison Jane17-Jul-2009
82011Preface to 'The German Constitution Turns 60: Basic Law and Commonwealth Constitution, German and Australian Perspectives'Brohmer, Jurgen 27-Jun-2012
92011The German Constitution Turns 60: Basic Law and Commonwealth Constitution, German and Australian PerspectivesBrohmer, Jurgen 27-Jun-2012
102011The Federal Element of the German Republic: Issues and DevelopmentsBrohmer, Jurgen 27-Jun-2012

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