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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009The conceptual semantics of numbers and counting: An NSM analysisGoddard, Cliff 3-Jun-2011
22008Is Logic Innate?Crain, S; Khlentzos, Drew Michael 22-May-2009
32007Differentiation in cognitive and emotional processes: An evolutionary analysisBarnard, PJ; Duke, DJ; Byrne, RW; Davidson, Iain 13-Jul-2009
42009The Psychology of Paranormal Belief: A Researcher's HandbookIrwin, Harvey Jon27-Sep-2011
52004Reality Testing and the Formation of Paranormal Beliefs: A Constructive ReplicationIrwin, Harvey Jon27-Sep-2011
62010Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human CognitionNowell, April; Davidson, Iain 17-May-2011
72007Commentary on Keith Augustine's PaperIrwin, Harvey Jon21-Sep-2012
82012Olfactory Cues Modify and Enhance Responses to Visual Cues in the Common Marmoset ('Callithrix jacchus')Kemp, Caralyn; Kaplan, Gisela 13-May-2013
92-May-2017Eye movements and implicit source memoryAntón-Méndez, Inés ; Talk, Andrew28-Jun-2017
102014Heritability of Preferred Thinking Styles and a Genetic Link to Working Memory CapacityFletcher, Jennifer; Marks, Anthony ; Hine, Don W ; Coventry, William L 16-Dec-2014

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