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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Attributions Toward Injury in a Military Physical Training EnvironmentThorsteinsson, Einar B ; Loi, Natasha 15-Sep-2017
22017Assessing the impact of different persuasive messages on the intentions and behaviour of cat owners: A randomised control trialMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Bengsen, Andrew J; Driver, Aaron18-Oct-2017
32017Can psychological interventions increase optimism? A meta-analysisMalouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola 3-Aug-2017
42013Education in Parapsychology: Student and Instructor PerspectivesIrwin, Harvey J5-Mar-2014
52015Paranormal Attributions for Anomalous Pictures: A Validation of the 'Survey of Anomalous Experiences'Irwin, Harvey J19-Feb-2015
62014Farmers' accuracy interpreting seasonal climate forecast probabilityCoventry, William L ; Dalgleish, LI2-May-2014
72015Thinking Style and the Making of a Paranormal DisbeliefIrwin, Harvey J13-Jul-2015
82015The Role of Doublethink and Other Coping Processes in Paranormal and Related BeliefsIrwin, Harvey J; Dagnall, Neil; Drinkwater, Kenneth2-Jul-2015
92015Ethical Practice in TelepsychologyGamble, Nicholas; Boyle, Chris ; Morris, Zoe A23-Jul-2015
102014Situating Psychosocial and Motivational Factors in Learning ContextsPhan, Huy 25-Jun-2014

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