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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013The Nature of Well-Being: The Roles of Hedonic and Eudaimonic Processes and Trait Emotional IntelligenceBhullar, Navjot ; Schutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John M 20-Feb-2013
22011Dynamic and Static Assessment of Phonological Awareness in Preschool: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; Olson, Richard K; Corley, Robin; Samuelsson, Stefan19-Oct-2011
3-Rational-Experiential InventoryPhillips, Wendy J 25-Jun-2019
44-Dec-2020A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Impact of Curiosity-Enhancing InterventionsMalouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola 11-Dec-2020
52014Ethical Practice in Applied PsychologyBoyle, Chris ; Gamble, Nicholas16-Jun-2014
62013ParapsychologyRock, Adam J ; Storm, Lance; Irwin, Harvey J; Beischel, Julie10-Jul-2014
72012Randomized Expectancy-Enhanced Placebo-Controlled Trial of the Impact of Quantum BioEnergetic Distant Healing and Paranormal Belief on Mood Disturbance: A Pilot StudyRock, Adam John ; Permezel, Fiona E; Storm, Lance11-Feb-2013
82013Self-Compassion: A Resource for Positive AgingPhillips, Wendy J ; Ferguson, Susan J22-Jul-2013
916-Jul-2020Understanding the Relationship between Intention and Cat Containment Behaviour: A Case Study of Kitten and Cat Adopters from RSPCA QueenslandMcLeod, Lynette J ; Evans, Di; Jones, Bidda; Paterson, Mandy; Zito, Sarah21-Sep-2020
102009Individual differences in trait urgency moderate the role of the affect heuristic in adolescent binge drinkingPhillips, Wendy J ; Hine, Donald W ; Marks, Anthony 17-Jun-2010

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