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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018IndividuationWatt, Susan 25-Jun-2019
22013Identifying climate change interpretive communities in a large Australian sampleHine, Donald W ; Reser, Joseph P; Phillips, Wendy J ; Cooksey, Ray W ; Marks, Anthony ; Nunn, Patrick ; Watt, Susan E ; Bradley, Graham L; Glendon, A Ian10-Oct-2013
327-Oct-2018Applying Behavioural Strategies to Promote Household Water-Conservation PracticesAddo, Isaac Bright; Thoms, Martin ; Parsons, Melissa ; Lykins, Amy 26-Jul-2019
412-Jun-2018The Sky is Falling: Exploring Anticipatory Traumatic ReactionHopwood, Tanya ; Schutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha ; Coventry, William 1-Aug-2019
52015Liberation Psychology as an Agent of Change for First Nations Peoples: An Exploration of the Decolonisation of Concepts to Minimise Miscommunications and Assumptions in an Australian ContextMerritt, Frankie Shane; Watt, Susan ; Turner, Linda 30-Mar-2015
62002Parental behaviour and alcohol misuse among adolescents: A path analysis of mediating influencesWilliams, Peter S; Hine, Donald William 18-Dec-2009
71-Aug-2020How Team Emotional Intelligence Connects to Task Performance: A Network ApproachZhang, Hui-Hua; Ding, Cody; Schutte, Nicola S ; Li, Rui10-Sep-2020
82018Life after bushfire: Post-traumatic stress, coping and post-traumatic growthHooper, Jackie; Magor-Blatch, Lynne; Bhullar, Navjot 8-Aug-2018
92014Emotional Expressions Preferentially Elicit Implicit Evaluations of Faces Also Varying in Race or AgeCraig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V; Mallan, Kimberley M4-Apr-2019
102020Palm Oil: Understanding Barriers to Sustainable ConsumptionSundaraja, Cassandra Shruti ; Lykins, Amy Dianne ; Hine, Donald William28-Sep-2020

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