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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Connections between emotional intelligence and workplace flourishingSchutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha 2-May-2014
22014Participants' evaluation of a brief intervention for pain-related work disabilityDunstan, Debra 1-Apr-2015
32015Don't rock the boat: The moderating role of gender in the relationship between workplace incivility and work withdrawalLoi, Natasha ; Loh, Jennifer; Hine, Don W 17-Apr-2015
42015Effects of Training Leaders in Needs-Based Methods of Running MeetingsDouglass, Emily M; Malouff, John M ; Rangan, Julie A17-Apr-2015
52009The Role of Emotional Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence, and Affect in Workplace Incivility and Workplace SatisfactionKirk, Beverley; Schutte, Nicola ; Hine, Donald W 20-May-2010
62011Examining the effects of substitutes for leadership on performance outcomesMuchiri, Michael K; Cooksey, Ray W 2-Nov-2011
72009The nature of workplace boundaries between Australians and Singaporeans in multinational organizations: A qualitative inquiryLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Gallois, Cindy29-Jun-2011
82011The Effect of an Expressive-Writing Intervention for Employees on Emotional Self-Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence, Affect, and Workplace IncivilityKirk, Beverley A; Schutte, Nicola ; Hine, Donald W 26-Jul-2011
92010Consequences of Workplace Bullying on Employee Identification and Satisfaction Among Australians and SingaporeansLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Zagencyzk, Thomas19-May-2011
102005Effects of Person-Centred Psychological Assistance on Workers in Stressful JobsOsland, Kristy Susan; Malouff, John M ; Alford, Wendy Kaylene12-Jul-2011