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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Longitudinal stability and predictors of poor oral comprehenders and poor decodersElwer, Asa; Keenan, Janice M; Olson, Richard K; Byrne, Brian J ; Samuelsson, Stefan28-Nov-2013
22009Neurobiology and child development: Challenging current interpretation and policy implicationsSims, Margaret 17-Nov-2009
32015Putative Androgen Exposure and Sexual Orientation: Cross-Cultural Evidence Suggesting a Modified Neurohormonal TheoryEllis, Lee; Lykins, Amy ; Hoskin, Anthony; Ratnasingam, Malini8-Jun-2016
42015Minor Physical Anomalies as a Window into the Prenatal Origins of PedophiliaDyshniku, Fiona; Murray, Michelle E; Fazio, Rachel L; Lykins, Amy ; Cantor, James8-Jun-2016
52005Δ9-THC reinstates beer- and sucrose-seeking behaviour in abstinent rats: comparison with midazolam, food deprivation and predator odourMcGreggor, IS; Dam, KDB; Mallet, Paul Emile; Gallate, JE27-Sep-2011
62003Regional differences in naloxone modulation of Δ9-THC induced Fos expression in rat brainAllen, Kelly V; McGreggor, I S; Hunt, G E; Singh, Malini E; Mallet, Paul Emile29-Sep-2011
72013Event-Related Potential Indicators of Working Memory Activity During SubitizingQuain, Peter Gerard; Stevenson, Bruce ; Jamieson, Graham 4-Nov-2013
82005Cognitive performance and liver function among recently abstinent alcohol abusersO'Mahony, John Finbar13-Sep-2011
92009Heritability of High Reading Ability and its Interaction with Parental EducationFriend, Angela; DeFries, John C; Keenan, Janice M; Olson, Richard K; Pennington, Bruce; Harlaar, Nicole; Byrne, Brian J ; Samuelsson, Stefan; Willcutt, Erik G; Wadsworth, Sally J; Corley, Robin25-Jul-2011
102006Emergency Department Assessment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Prediction of Post-Concussion Symptoms at One Month Post InjurySheedy, J; Geffen, G; Donnelly, James Francis; Faux, S26-Sep-2011