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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Conceptualizing (re)worked narratives of the American Family: From the American Dream to American decay in 'new' televisionCoghlan, Jo 7-May-2017
22005Rembrandt: An Essay in the Philosophy of ArtScott, Alan ; Staubmann, Helmut2-Feb-2012
32015Neoliberalism by Stealth: Exposing the flaw of neoliberal understandings of 'freedom'Thompson, Lester j; Coghlan, Jo 11-May-2017
42009Current Thinking about Critical Multicultural and Critical Race Theory in EducationGamage, Sirisena 23-Jan-2012
52011Think SociologyCarl, John D; Baker, Sarah; Robards, Brady; Scott, John ; Hillman, Wendy; Lawrence, Geoffrey29-Feb-2012
62015The Thin Black Line: Living Apartheid on Groote EylandtBrasche, Inga 16-Feb-2016
72003The Domain-Specificity of ReasonLivingston, Eric 15-Feb-2010
82010State Transformation or Regime Shift? Addressing Some Confusions in the Theory and Sociology of the Statedu Gay, Paul; Scott, Alan 4-May-2011
92014Neoliberalism: The Corruption of Human NatureThompson, Lester J; Coghlan, Jo 29-Jun-2017
102013Capitalism as culture and statecraft: Weber - Simmel - HirschmanScott, Alan 18-Jul-2013

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