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12013Disavowal and foundational fantasies: A psychosocial exploration of the class, race and the social construction of the sexual child in the Anglophone WestEgan, R Danielle; Hawkes, Gail 18-Sep-2017
22013Diagnostic and Outcome Differences Between Heterosexual and Nonheterosexual Men Treated for Prostate CancerWassersug, Richard J; Lyons, Anthony; Duncan, Duane ; Dowsetta, Gary W; Pitts, Marian9-Feb-2015
32012The 'Commons' Revisited: Learning from the Past for More Resilient Social and Ecological Communities in the FutureBrunckhorst, David J 10-Feb-2015
42007Out of the Closet and into the Gym: Gay Men and Body Image in Melbourne, AustraliaDuncan, Duane 10-Feb-2015
52010"There's No Teleology to It; It's Just about the Spirit of Play": Men, Intimacy, and "Late" ModernityDuncan, Duane ; Dowsett, Gary W9-Feb-2015
62013Advancing Sexuality Studies: a short course on sexuality theory and research methodologiesFletcher, Gillian; Dowsestt, Gary W; Duncan, Duane ; Slavin, Sean; Corboz, Julienne9-Feb-2015
72010Embodying the gay self: Body image, reflexivity and embodied identityDuncan, Duane 9-Feb-2015
82006The 'Evidence' of Sex, the 'Truth' of Gender: Shaping Children's BodiesCostello, Lauren; Duncan, Duane 10-Feb-2015
92016Gay and bisexual men's interest in marriage: an Australian perspectivePhilpot, Steven P; Ellard, Jeanne; Duncan, Duane ; Dowsett, Gary W; Bavinton, Benjamin R; Down, Ian; Keen, Phillip; Hammoud, Mohamed A; Prestage, Garrett17-Aug-2017
102011Think SociologyCarl, John D; Baker, Sarah; Robards, Brady; Scott, John ; Hillman, Wendy; Lawrence, Geoffrey29-Feb-2012