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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Indigenous Rights: NT Intervention and Income QuarantiningCoghlan, Jo 14-May-2017
22014Enhancing the capacity of kin caregivers and their families to meet the needs of children left behindHu, Yang; Lonne, Bob ; Burton, Judith14-May-2017
32008Building Multicultural Social Capital in Regional AustraliaCarrington, Kerry ; Marshall, Neil Alexander 7-Dec-2009
42017Determinants of social and economic reportings: Evidence from Australia, the UK and South African multinational enterprisesFarooque, Omar ; Ahulu, Helena22-May-2017
52012Youth Agency and Survival Strategies in Sierra Leone's Post War Informal EconomyLahai, John I 19-Jun-2017
62015Education and Health Care Policies in Ghana: Examining the Prospects and Challenges of Recent ProvisionsAbukari, Ziblim; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed ; Kuyini Mohammed, Abdulai29-Feb-2016
72008Driving Innovations through Business, Education and Social EntrepreneurshipWood, Fiona ; Tieberghian, Y25-Jan-2010
82014Neoliberalism: The Corruption of Human NatureThompson, Lester J; Coghlan, Jo 29-Jun-2017
92011'On my 50 year anniversary I want a letter from the queen'Hillier, Lynne; Jones, Tiffany 19-Jun-2012
102009The Queer Joys of Sexless Marriage: Couples Citizenship's Hot Bed!Jones, Tiffany 25-Jun-2012

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