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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Perceptions of the Australian Public Towards Mobile Internet e-Voting: Risks, Choice and TrustZada, Phillip ; Falzon, Gregory ; Kwan, Paul 11-Oct-2017
22017The Rise and Fall of Paid Maternity Leave Policy in the Years of the Keating GovernmentNewsome, Lucie 6-Nov-2017
32005National sovereignty and the Bretton Woods InstitutionsWare, H 30-Jul-2008
42010The relative economic efficiency of urban water utilities in regional New South Wales and VictoriaByrnes, J; Crase, L; Dollery, Brian E ; Villano, Renato 10-Jan-2011
52011Managing Rehabilitation and Resettlement of the Involuntary Displaced People: Lessons from Selected Narmada Project in IndiaPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra8-May-2012
62007Employment Outcomes for the Congenitally Deaf in Australia: Has Anything Changed?Winn, Stephen 31-Jul-2009
72006Positive or Negative Tidal Change: A Commentary on the Proposed Compact of South Pacific StatesReavell, Ron 3-Mar-2010
82002The Australian Labor Party and the Notion of Economic ManagementBattin, Timothy 5-Aug-2009
92017Examining the use of concept analysis and mapping software for renewable energy feed-in tariff designMartin, Nigel J; Rice, John 9-Jun-2017
102014Kansalaisten oikeuksien ja vakaan julkisen talouden yhteensovittaminen: Pohjoismaiden tapausWalsh, Adrian J 24-Feb-2016

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