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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Survey of Stigma and Discrimination amongst the Hong Kong Clergy 2003Chung, Siu; Fung, Elijah; Cox, Desmond7-Sep-2011
22007State of Health of Migrants - 2007: Mandatory TestingChung, Siu; Fung, E; She, K; Law, S7-Sep-2011
32006State of Health of Migrants 2005: Hong KongChung, Siu; Fung, Elijah; She, Kevin; Him, Ma Wai7-Sep-2011
4Mar-2020Human enhancement drugs and new(?) research directionsvan de Ven, Katinka ; Dunn, Matthew; Mulrooney, Kyle 22-Jul-2020
518-Dec-2019The impact of rurality on opioid-related harms: A systematic review of qualitative researchThomas, Natalie ; van de Ven, Katinka ; Mulrooney, Kyle J D 15-Jul-2020
619-Dec-2019As drug deaths rise in rural Australia, we must do more to prevent overdosesvan de Ven, Katinka ; Mulrooney, Kyle J D ; Thomas, Natalie 28-May-2020
74-Apr-2019Do you plan your life around your fitness schedule? You could be addicted to exercisevan de Ven, Katinka ; Corazza, Ornella28-May-2020
82019The Participatory Zeitgeist: an explanatory theoretical model of change in an era of coproduction and codesign in healthcare improvementPalmer, Victoria Jane; Weavell, Wayne; Callander, Rosemary; Piper, Donella ; Richard, Lauralie; Maher, Lynne; Boyd, Hilary; Herrman, Helen; Furler, John; Gunn, Jane; Iedema, Rick; Robert, Glenn14-Feb-2019
92018Providing Palliative Care at the End of Life: Should Health Professionals Fear Regulation?Willmott, Lindy; White, Ben; Piper, Donella ; Yates, Patsy; Mitchell, Geoffrey; Currow, David14-Feb-2019
102010Public Policy Implementation and the NSW Public Health System: Commensurability of the Health Services Act 1997 (NSW) and Area Health Service Performance AgreementsBeattie, Belinda 15-Mar-2012

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