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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Landscapes of Violence: Women Surviving Family Violence in Regional and Rural VictoriaGeorge, Amanda; Harris, Bridget 28-Jan-2016
22015Legitimate Spaces: Community Legal Centres and Police AccountabilityHarris, Bridget 28-Jan-2016
3Apr-2017Do the police really protect and serve the public? Police deviance and public cynicism towards the law in NigeriaAkinlabi, Oluwagbenga Michael 12-Apr-2019
42017Young people, procedural justice and police legitimacy in NigeriaAkinlabi, Oluwagbenga Michael 12-Apr-2019
52018Why do Nigerians cooperate with the police? Legitimacy, procedural justice, and other contextual factors in NigeriaAkinlabi, Oluwagbenga Michael 11-Apr-2019
62014Behavioral Consistency, the Homology Assumption, and the Problems of InductionPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 3-Oct-2013
72014Staged Crime Scenes - Literature and TypesFerguson, Claire 3-Oct-2013
82014Investigative RelevanceFerguson, Claire 4-Oct-2013
92012Modes of Criminal Justice, Indigenous Youth and Social DemocracyHearfield, Colin ; Scott, John 20-Aug-2012
1013-Nov-2000An anatomical and photographic technique for forensic facial identificationPorter, Glenn ; Doran, Greg22-Jul-2019

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