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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Victimology at TrialFerguson, Claire ; Turvey, Brent E8-May-2014
22014The incidence and position of melanocytic nevi for the purposes of forensic image comparisonBlack, Sue; MacDonald-McMillan, Briony; Mallett, Xanthe ; Rynn, C; Jackson, G14-May-2014
32011Is this the face of Jack the Ripper?Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
42011Operation Lund - Morecambe Bay Cockling Disaster, February 5, 2004Brunskill, Steve; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
52010Policing Rural Canada and the United StatesDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; DeKeseredy, Walter S; Dragiewicz, Molly27-Jun-2013
62011The 'Marchioness' Riverboat Disaster, August 20, 1989Walker, Graham; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
72011Rail IncidentsWalker, Graham; Mallett, Xanthe 17-Apr-2012
82007Violence and the architecture of rural lifeCarrington, Kerry 18-Feb-2010
92012Zak Coronial Inquest and the Interpretation of Photographic EvidencePorter, Glenn 8-Aug-2019
102009In Memoriam: Stanley Ellis (1926-2009): Preeminent English Dialectologist, Broadcaster and Scholar, as well as the first Honorary Life Member of the International Association for Forensics, Phonetics and AcousticsRyan, John S 19-May-2011

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