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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Ethnogenesis and craniofacial change in Japan from the perspective of nonmetric traitsOssenberg, NS; Dodo, Y; Maeda, Tomoko; Kawakubo, Y1-May-2009
22011Quantitative Assessment of Interproximal Wear Facet Outlines for the Association of Isolated MolarsBenazzi, Stefano; Fiorenza, Luca ; Katina, Stanislav; Bruner, Emiliano; Kullmer, Ottmar26-Jul-2011
32011Comparison of Dental Measurement Systems for Taxonomic Assignment of First MolarsBenazzi, Stefano; Coquerelle, Michael; Fiorenza, Luca ; Bookstein, Fred; Katina, Stanislav; Kullmer, Ottmar26-Jul-2011
42004A New small-bodied hominin from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, IndonesiaBrown, PJ; Sutikna, T; Morwood, MJ ; Soejono, RP; Jatmiko,; Wayhu Saptomo, E; Awe Due, R2-May-2008
52004Post-Pleistocence diachronic change in East Asian facial skeletons: the size, shape and volume of the orbitsBrown, PJ; Maeda, T18-Jul-2008
62018Violence at Verteba Cave, Ukraine: New Insights into the Late Neolithic Intergroup ConflictMadden, Gwyn D; Karsten, Jordan K; Ledogar, Sarah ; Schmidt, Ryan; Sokhatsky, Mykhailo P16-Mar-2018
72009Technical Note: Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis: Quantification of Tooth Wear PatternKullmer, Ottmar; Benazzi, Stefano; Fiorenza, Luca ; Schulz, Dieter; Bacso, Stefan; Winzen, Olaf11-Jul-2011
82009Geometric Morphometric Methods for Bone Reconstruction: The Mandibular Condylar Process of Pico della MirandolaBenazzi, Stefano; Stanfield, Ekaterina; Kullmer, Ottmar; Fiorenza, Luca ; Gruppioni, Giorgio11-Jul-2011
92009Morphology, wear and 3D digital surface models: materials and techniques to create high-resolution replicas of teethFiorenza, Luca ; Benazzi, Stefano; Kullmer, Ottmar11-Jul-2011
102011Para-masticatory wear facets and their functional significance in hunter-gatherer maxillary molarsFiorenza, Luca ; Benazzi, Stefano; Kullmer, Ottmar26-Jul-2011