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12008Percepción de los Clientes Bancarios sobre las Acciones de Recuperación del Servicio en Chile [Perception of the Retail Banking Customers Regarding the Service Recovery Efforts in Chile]Valenzuela, Fredy ; Llanos, Orlando6-Apr-2010
22008Do Switching Barriers Influence Service Recovery Evaluation: The Case of the Chilean Retail Banking IndustryValenzuela, Fredy ; Rindfleish, Jennifer May 6-Apr-2010
32012The Aggregate Economic Benefits to the Australian Beef Industry from the Adoption of Meat Standards Australia: updated to 2010/11Griffith, Garry ; Thompson, John M 16-Oct-2012
42004Influence of household origin and social class on choice of rural vacation destinationsZamora, J; Valenzuela, F ; Vasquez-Parraga, AZ7-May-2008
52017Cultural changes and the impact of social influences in Saudi women's purchasing behaviourAlsubaie, Haya Nasser M; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M; Adapa, Sujana 21-Feb-2018
62009Dimensions Affecting Consumers' Continued Usage and Frequency of Usage of Internet Banking: Empirical Evidence from AustraliaAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M ; Cooksey, Ray W ; Valenzuela, Fredy 1-Feb-2013
72006Consumer-based brand equity and country-of-origin relationships: some empirical evidencePappu, RS; Quester, PG; Cooksey, RW 8-May-2008
82008Products and branding innovations in the Australian beef marketing systemMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Victor ; Fleming, Euan ; Umberger, Wendy9-Jan-2012
92006The Influence of Service Recovery Evaluation on Customer Post-Complaint BehaviorValenzuela, F ; Vasquez-Parraga, AZ; Llanos, O; Vilches, S9-May-2008
102015Revisit Intentions of Malaysian Consumers to Heritage SitesAdapa, Sujana ; Laukkanen, Tommi12-May-2015