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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Bricks-and-mortar and patient safety cultureBrandis, Susan; Schleimer, Stephanie; Rice, John 11-Oct-2017
230-Nov-2017Crafting careers in a technology-enabled flexible work environmentField, Justin ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa; Sheridan, Alison30-Nov-2017
32011The role of the market in transforming training and knowledge to superior performance: evidence from the Australian manufacturing sectorLiao, Tung-Shan; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel29-Jul-2015
42017Loyal Employees in Difficult Settings: The Compounding Effects of Inter-professional Dysfunction and Employee Loyalty on Job TensionRice, Bridget; Knox, Kathy; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Fieger, Peter ; Fitzgerald, Anneke21-Dec-2017
52017The impact of employees' values on role engagementRice, Bridget; Fieger, Peter ; Rice, John ; Martin, Nigel; Knox, Kathy19-Jan-2018
62015Modelling the influences of evaluation on school principals: Towards evaluation capacity buildingIkin, Kerrie Beryl; McClenaghan, Peter 7-May-2015
72017A revisit of the participative budgeting and employees' self-efficacy interrelationship - empirical evidence from Indonesia's public sectorYuliansyah, Yuliansyah; Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad 8-Jan-2018
82012Responding to your voice: Sustaining and enhancing peer connections at the University of New EnglandPaliadelis, Penelope S ; Leayr, Robert ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Haydon, Mark ; Kneen, Mark; Enlund, Peter12-Mar-2014
92004Managing Careers In A World Of Diversity & Change: Understanding The Work Life Balance IssueSmith, T 26-Sep-2008
102014The competency of innovative thinking: challenges within the Health Management course curriculumIsouard, Godfrey ; Martins, Jo8-May-2015