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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Alternate Equity Indexation for Technology Stocks: An Application to the Nasdaq IndexAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar 10-Aug-2016
22015Alternate Equity Indexation MethodAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar 10-Aug-2016
32011The Future of Financial Advice and the Effects on Portfolio Management: Part 1Hovey, Martin ; Wysel, David23-May-2012
42012The Future of Financial Advice and the Effects on Portfolio Management: Part 2Hovey, Martin ; Wysel, David23-May-2012
52012GDP Growth and the Interdependency of Volatility SpilloversKarunanayake, Indika; Valadkhani, Abbas ; O'Brien, Martin6-Sep-2013
61998Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: A Profile of Ethical InvestorsBeal, Diana; Goyen, Michelle 12-Mar-2010
72016How to Outperform Emerging Market Indexes Using Passive IndexationAgarwal, Nipun; Farooque, Omar 4-Oct-2016
82010Corporate Governance and the Capital Structure of Listed Firms: Evidence from ChinaHovey, Martin 17-Mar-2010
92013Matching Resources with Demand: A Flawed Strategy?Khan, Ashfaq A ; Ahmad, Waqar19-Sep-2013
101998Are Ethical Investors Real?Beal, Diana; Goyen, Michelle 7-Nov-2012