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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Paradigm shift in the microfinance sector and its implications for theory development: empirical evidence from PakistanKhan, Ashfaq A 2-Aug-2010
22008Commercialization of Microfinance: Is the sector losing its identity by evading its original 'social service' responsibility?Khan, Ashfaq A 4-Aug-2010
32012Stakeholders Inclusiveness and Corporate Legitimacy: A Comparative Study of Social and Economic Reporting of Multinational Companies in Australia, South Africa and United KingdomAhulu, Helena K; Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Farooque, Omar 10-Apr-2013
42011Determinants of Sustainability Reporting: An Analysis of Corporations in Anglo EconomiesAhulu, Helena Koteikor; Kotey, Bernice A 21-Feb-2012
52017Determinants of social and economic reportings: Evidence from Australia, the UK and South African multinational enterprisesFarooque, Omar ; Ahulu, Helena22-May-2017
62014Are Social Issues Relegated to the Backburner?: An Analysis of CSR Reports of Australian MNESAhulu, Helena K; Farooque, Omar ; Kotey, Bernice A 8-Aug-2014
72019Comprehensive Board Diversity and Quality of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from an Emerging MarketKatmon, Nooraisah; Mohamad, Zam Zuriyati; Norwani, Norlia Mat; Farooque, Omar 18-Mar-2019
82015Environmental Reporting in the UK, Australia, and South African Multinational CompaniesFarooque, Omar ; Ahulu, Helena K30-Jul-2015
92015Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices - A Study of Construct Development and Scale CreationAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 25-May-2015
102015Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility: Board Competencies and RolesAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 1-Jun-2015

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