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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Examining the nature of the relationship between Tapis crude oil and Singapore petrol pricesValadkhani, Abbas ; O'Brien, Martin; Arjomandi, Amir16-Oct-2013
22010Modelling the Price of Unleaded Petrol in Australia's Capital CitiesValadkhani, Abbas 16-Oct-2013
32013Does A Rising Tide Lift All Boats?: The Case of Vertical Strategic Alliances Involving Housewives Groups in Northern ThailandVillano, Renato ; Khrueathai, Phanin; Fleming, Euan 6-Feb-2014
42014The Consequences of Retail Electricity Price Rises: Rethinking Customer HardshipSimshauser, Paul; Nelson, Timothy11-Apr-2014
52011Improving Australian greenhouse gas reporting and financial analysis of carbon risk associated with investmentsNelson, Timothy; Wood, Elizabeth; Hunt, James; Thurbon, Cathlin3-Mar-2014
62011Australian Residential Solar Feed-in Tariffs: Industry Stimulus or Regressive form of Taxation?Nelson, Timothy; Simshauser, Paul; Kelley, Simon3-Mar-2014
72012The second-round effects of carbon taxes on power project financeSimshauser, Paul; Nelson, Timothy3-Mar-2014
82011The Boomerang Paradox, Part II: Policy Prescriptions for Reducing Fuel Poverty in AustraliaSimshauser, Paul; Nelson, Timothy; Doan, Thao3-Mar-2014
92003The Political Economy of the Voluntary Sector: A Reappraisal of the Comparative Institutional Advantage of Voluntary OrganizationsDollery, BE ; Wallis, JL29-Jul-2008
102003Labour Market Deregulation and the Orientation of Macroeconomic PolicySmith, GO 30-Jul-2008