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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Construction of a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Carbon Tax Modelling in AustraliaSajeewani, Disna; Siriwardana, Mahinda ; McNeill, Judith ; Meng, Xianming 23-Jul-2012
22009Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Services Valuation for Policy and ManagementLuisetti, Tiziana; Turner, R Kerry; Hadley, David ; Morse-Jones, Sian2-Jul-2012
32011Collaborating and Coordinating Disparate Interests: Lessons from Water TrustsO'Keefe, Sue; Dollery, Brian E 26-Jun-2012
42006Comparing contingent valuation and contingent ranking: A case study considering the benefits of urban river water quality improvementsBateman, I J; Cole, M A; Georgiou, S; Hadley, David 10-Jul-2012
52008Valuing coastal and marine ecosystem servicesTurner, RK; Luisetti, T; Hadley, David 2-Jul-2012
62010Integrated assessment of water framework directive nitrate reduction measuresFezzi, C; Hutchins, M; Rigby, D; Bateman, I J; Posen, P; Hadley, David 10-Jul-2012
72005Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management: Renegotiating the CommonsMarshall, GR 24-Sep-2008
82008Ecosystem Services and Economic Theory: Integration for Policy-Relevant ResearchFisher, B; Turner, K; Jefferiss, P; Kirby, C; Morling, P; Mowatt, S; Naidoo, R; Paavola, J; Strassburg, B; Yu, D; Balmford, A; Zylstra, M; Brouwer, R; de Groot, R; Farber, S; Ferraro, P; Green, R; Hadley, David ; Harlow, J10-Jul-2012
92007A cost-benefit appraisal of coastal managed realignment policyTurner, R K; Burgess, D; Hadley, David ; Coombes, E; Jackson, N10-Jul-2012
102008Estimating the range of economic impacts on farms of nutrient leaching reduction policiesFezzi, C; Rigby, D; Bateman, I J; Hadley, David ; Posen, P10-Jul-2012