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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Evaluating the feasibility of eradicating an invasionCacho, OJ ; Spring, D; Pheloung, P; Hester, S 5-May-2008
22008Deforestation in the Philippines: An Economic Assessment of Government Policy ResponsesStenberg, LC; Siriwardana, Mahinda 2-Sep-2011
32013Structuring Exotic Options Contracts on Water to Improve the Efficiency of Resource Allocation in the Australian Water MarketFleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato ; Williamson, Brendon21-Nov-2013
42008Economic evaluation of the management of bitou bush ('chrysanthemoides monilifera' subsp. 'rotundata'(DC.) T.Norl.) to conserve native plant communitites in New South WalesSinden, Jack Alfred ; Downey, Paul; Hester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar Jose 16-Nov-2009
52012A literature review of economic studies on carbon pricing and Australian wholesale electricity marketsNelson, Timothy; Kelley, Simon; Orton, Fiona13-Dec-2013
62004Creating the conditions for public investment to deliver full employment and environmental sustainabilitySmith, Gregory Owen 15-Aug-2012
72004The Economic Impact of Weeds in Australia: Report to the CRC for Australian Weed ManagementSinden, JA ; Jones, R; Hester, S ; Odom, D; Kalisch, C; James, R; Cacho, OJ 24-Sep-2008
82007Pre-emptive conservation versus 'fire-fighting': A decision theoretic approachSpring, Daniel A; Cacho, Oscar Jose ; Mac Nally, Ralph; Sabbadin, Regis24-Nov-2009
92013Ecosystem Services: ResponseBateman, Ian J; Harwood, Amii R; Fezzi, Carlo; Foden, Jo; Hadley, David ; Haines-Young, Roy; Hulme, Mark; Kontoleon, Andreas; Lovett, Andrew A; Munday, Paul; Pascual, Unai; Paterson, James; Mace, Georgina M; Perino, Grischa; Sen, Antara; Siriwardena, Gavin; Van Soest, Daan; Termansen, Mette; Watson, Robert T; Abson, David J; Andrews, Barnaby; Binner, Amy; Crowe, Andrew; Day, Brett H; Dugdale, Steve10-Feb-2014
102009A Computable General Equilibrium Model for Environmental Policy Analysis: The Case of Deforestation in the PhilippinesStenberg, Luz C; Siriwardana, Mahinda 24-Nov-2009