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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Regime Change in Australian Capitalism: Towards a Historical Political Economy of RegulationLloyd, C 5-May-2008
22004'Nanshin': Budget-Maximizing Behavior, the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Origins of the Pacific WarDollery, Brian E ; Spindler, ZA; Parsons, C9-Feb-2012
32018Justinian und die Armee des fruhen ByzanzKoehn, Clemens 22-May-2019
42003The Philippine Currency Board Arrangement, 1945-48: a case of deflationary bias?Treadgold, M7-May-2008
52004Life and labour for indentured Chinese shepherds in New South Wales, 1847-55Darnell, M27-Jun-2008
62006Attaining The Australian Dream: The Starr-Bowkett WayDarnell, M27-Jun-2008
72006Indian Labour, Labour Standards, and Workers' Health in Burma and Malaya, 1900-1940Kaur, A 13-May-2008
82015An Examination of the Persistence of Socialist Institutions within Australian 20th Century Capitalism: With a Case Study of NSW Education until 1955Ellston, Peter Robert; Lloyd, Christopher ; Henning, Graydon ; Kellett, John6-Jan-2016
92007Wilson, J. Havelock (1858-1929)Henning, Graydon R16-Mar-2012
102019A new patent system to usher in a new economyMeng, Sam ; Chen, George S 19-Mar-2019

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