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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11986Bones, breaks and mendsDavies, Paddy; Taylor, Neil 20-Jun-2018
22014Shaping Body Ideas: Body Perceptions of Health and Physical Education UndergraduatesVarea, Valeria 23-Dec-2014
32017Cuerpos, feminidades y masculinidades en el deporte: Un abordaje socioculturalVarea, Valeria 31-May-2018
42003The Faculty Mentor Program in the Sciences: an innovative approach to supporting student learningGodwin, Julie ; Muldoon, Robyn 25-Sep-2008
52008Reflections on symmetry and proofMerrotsy, Peter17-Dec-2009
61995Crabs at the ShoreTaylor, Neil ; Keats, Derek4-Jun-2018
71999Plants of the Pacific IslandsTaylor, Neil ; Thaman, Randy4-Jun-2018
82009Co-ordinating Peace Research and Education in Australia: A Report from the Canberra Forum of 2 May, 2008Page, James S 16-Dec-2014
92010The University of New England Schools Acquisitive Art Prize (UNESAP) and Let's Hang It! ExhibitionAlter, Frances 24-Dec-2014
101995Life in the MangrovesTaylor, Neil ; Keats, Derek4-Jun-2018

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