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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Interdisciplinary Conversations on Complexities of Food/In SecurityFoskey, Roslyn ; Avery, Alan J; Sims, Margaret ; Brunckhorst, David J 5-Feb-2013
22017Timor-Leste: Adult Literacy, Popular Education and Post-conflict PeacebuildingBoughton, Robert G 28-Jun-2018
32013An Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign Pilot Study in Australia using 'Yes I Can'Boughton, Robert G ; Ah Chee, Donna; Beetson, Jack ; Durnan, Deborah; LeBlanch, Jose Chala10-Jul-2013
42016Radical International Adult Education: A Pedagogy of SolidarityBoughton, Robert G 19-Jan-2017
52013Popular education and the 'party line'Boughton, Robert G 16-Jul-2013
62016Community-Based Adult Learning Research in Australia and Canada: A Review EssayBoughton, Robert G 20-Jan-2017
72012The Historical Inscriptions of Our Lives: Connecting Historical Thinking, Practice and EducationNye, Adele 9-Jul-2013
82014How farmers are learning to change to more sustainable farming methods in response to recent climatic and government policy pressuresMiller-Brown, Helen; Boughton, Robert ; Reader, Paul 8-Apr-2015
922-Oct-2018Waiting for Daddy: Rose's StoryRogers, Marg ; Bird, Jo ; Roberts, Raph; Donald, Trish7-Aug-2020
102021Virtual team professional learning and development for practitioners in educationCharteris, Jennifer ; Berman, Jeanette ; Page, Angela 16-Mar-2021

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