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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Topical oropharyngeal application of lecithin reduces sensitivity to airway challenge in asthmaticsJesulola, Emmanuel; van der Touw, Tom 3-May-2012
22012Propofol improves recovery of the isolated working hypertrophic heart from ischaemia-reperfusionKing, Nicola ; Al Shaama, Madj; Suleiman, M-Saadeh22-Oct-2012
32012Novel Application of the Dye, DiS-C3-(3) as a Biosensor of the Renal Membrane Potential DifferenceAlghamdi, Othman Ahmed S; King, Nicola 22-Oct-2012
42010Consuming a small-moderate dose of red wine alone can alter the glucose-insulin relationshipKokavec, Anna ; Halloran, Mark A2-May-2014
52009Retention of ingested phospholipids on the oral mucosavan der Touw, Tom ; Fewings, Nicole3-May-2012
62009Time course of banana phospholipid retention by buccal epithelial cellsFewings, Nicole; van der Touw, Tom 3-May-2012
72005Mechanisms underlying the cardioprotective effect of L-cysteineShackebaei, D; King, Nicola ; Shukla, B; Suleiman, M-S2-Feb-2010
8Oct-2018Conception rates and time to conception based on the peak mucus symptomMarshell, M; Corkill, M; Barker, G; Turner, J V 9-Mar-2020
9Sep-2018Peak cervical mucus: an effective approach to achieving pregnancyMarshell, M; Corkill, M; Barker, G; Turner, Joseph V 9-Mar-2020
1027-Sep-2016Fertility-awareness practice and education in general practiceTurner, Joseph V 14-Nov-2019

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